Sprint 3 Retrospective

 Links to evidence of activity on GitLab.

This is my frontend user interface for the report team


I updated my frontend from sprint 2 in my local service which I used the sample frontend example from the professor. I have changed the background and move the start date and end date in the middle same as the common website let the user input the login information. 


Austin and I connected the backend API to my frontend API, which can let customers download the report for the inventory. It got succeed download the report for the inventory when we connect the API together.


My frontend design idea is based on the Worcester State University style of design. For the background picture and the color use, I followed the handbook of WSU style of design.


I implemented FrontEnd for reporting with the most recent version.


We Made some OpenAPI.yaml files for our FrontEnd and BackEnd.


We looked over TheasPantryReport.


We looked at the new architecture and plan accordingly.

Reflection on what worked well?

In Sprint 3, in terms of what worked well, the second phase was more efficient when team members worked together than ever before in completing the project plan. After a semester of teamwork, we have a deeper understanding of our ultimate goal and become more accustomed to each other's habits. There will be a relaxed working atmosphere, and the team chemistry will encourage each other to push the project forward. The project progressed more smoothly, and the ZOOM meetings of the team were relatively frequent.

Reflection on what didn't work well?

As for why it didn't work out, there is a longer-term vision of the end product and the project's future goals. Unfortunately, we failed to get the data of other groups. We made test data to run our report program. In addition, the team members were busy with other courses at the end of the semester, so there were some deficiencies in the adjustment of time in the later period. We had some confusion in the front end and back end docking. Through learning external materials and teamwork, we successfully solved the docking problem. Fortunately, we made timely adjustments and promoted the project objectives, and completed the group project.

Reflection on what changes could be made to improve as a team?

As a team with cooperation, smooth communication, and tacit understanding among team members are the basis and key to improving our team's cooperation level. We would discuss the project after class and give some constructive suggestions about each other's tasks. Good communication makes our team have chemistry. Through communication and cooperation, we have a thorough understanding of the team members' tasks. Each knew the other's project progress would be conducive to the overall advancement of the project. When a team member encounters a bottleneck in a task, we will appropriately slow down the overall progress and communicate with him to buffer his time to complete and push forward the overall task progress.

Reflection on what changes could be made to improve as an individual?

As an individual, I have watched and learned a lot about front-end production after class. It improves my front-end understanding and production skills, which helps my team better connect the front-end to the back-end. In this project, I learned and improved some problems encountered in team cooperation and realized the power of the team in finding and solving problems. In a team, the mutual understanding and tacit understanding among team members is the basic condition for the smooth operation of a team. It was a great honor for me to meet every team member in my last year of university, and I learned a lot of valuable experience from them in ZOOM meetings. At the same time, I am also very grateful to the professor for giving us an opportunity for a big team project, which benefited me greatly. I believe that I will bring my learning experience to my team in future team cooperation projects. Finally, I'd like to thank Worcester State University. It's my great honor to be a member of the computer major.


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