Sprint 1 Retrospective

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I created a sample frontend using vue.js and learned how to build up the environment and set up a sample project.


I learned how to create a climate for vue.js on Udemy and Youtube to set up my vue.js settings. I used my tutorials to build my first sample project.


I am working with Migena for the Small Frontend, which is going to test the login feature with keycloak. We will use vue.js to build the Frontend and the third-party system, keycloak to test it. We will see how a real example of securing our system with keycloak. Our goal is to build a simple frontend to test keycloak.


I will keep meeting with the other teams working on the Frontend to discuss the Frontend's style, format, and other components.

Reflection on what worked well?

The reflection on what worked well is that we work together with the team members we have worked with before to complete the project plan. Because we have worked together in the same group before, we have a deeper understanding of our teammates and are more accustomed to each other's habits. There will be a relaxed and happy working atmosphere in the group, and the chemistry between the groups will encourage each other and push the project forward.

Reflection on what didn't work well?

The reflection on what did not work well is that we didn't know much about the project initially and thought it was a big project. When faced with the unknown challenge, we were a little confused at first. As we got to know each other and started to move forward with the project, we found that labor division was not reasonable. Because in many issues, Frontend and backend are related. Being responsible for each task affects productivity. So we have overlapping project leaders working together to complete the job, which leads to increased efficiency. It was difficult or challenging to push the task forward, but we encouraged each other through the ZOOM meeting after class.

Reflection on what changes could be made to improve as a team?

As a team with cooperation experience, smooth communication, and tacit understanding among team members are the basis and key to improving our team's cooperation level. We would discuss the project after class and give some constructive suggestions about each other's tasks. Good communication makes our team have chemistry. Through communication and cooperation, we have a thorough understanding of the team members' tasks. Each knew the other's project progress would be conducive to the overall advancement of the project. When a team member encounters a bottleneck in a task, we will appropriately slow down the overall progress and communicate with him to buffer his time to complete and push forward the overall task progress together.

Reflection on what changes could be made to improve as an individual?

As an individual, I need to improve my understanding of the Frontend more quickly to help my team better connect Frontend and backend. I need to arrange my group tasks more reasonably to help promote the whole group project's completion. Besides, I also need to make clear my work objectives, continue to follow up on the team's project, and make my part and the whole develop simultaneously. 


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