Apprenticeship Patterns Chapter 1 and Chapter 2-6 Introductions

Software Craftsmanship raises some of the thorniest and most sensitive questions about software development and comes to the controversial conclusion of finding answers in a system that has thrived for hundreds of years: technology. Software Technology is a systematic expression of the author's ideas and attempts to answer the difficult questions that have been plaguing the software industry. How should we restructure the process of building software, such as we want it to be effective?


The author of Software Craftsmanship has been emphasizing the role of the craftsman in the project. Craftsmen sounds is a very old word, the craftsman in other industries is a what kind of person I want to say, must be done in the field of a good man, I explain the below mentioned software process artisans do what kind of person, craftsman is mentioned there is a very rich in the process of software development experience, after years of development, products are well received by customers, has a certain reputation, they can submit a robust, high quality of the user application. A good craftsman can make or break a project. This shows that the human factor plays a very important role in the development of the project. Someone I have been thinking without learning software engineering in software development has a very important role in understanding of software engineering make me realize software can also like assembly line engineering, development mode, people do not development process, mainly the development process of software engineering control, a relatively fixed process, as long as people do some mechanical work can complete this project. In the current environment, software engineering ideas are still dominant, but software technology ideas also have their base of support, such as workers in the open-source community.


Software technology of the main pressure is a very important role in the whole project, software process is very strict requirements of the team, the team first small number, no more than 15 people, the general team is three people, but for the team of personal ability request, the other teams also are in high demand of health, a more stable team, team members can develop the tacit understanding.


The book Software Craftsmanship gives us a good development model, but many projects in the current environment are developed using software engineering ideas. Why is this? In my analysis, the main reason is that software technology requires too much of the team, and there are too few excellent craftsmen, so it is difficult for many companies to organize such an efficient team. Right now, the idea of software craftsmanship can only be seen in the open-source community, where many of the true craftsmen are gathered.


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